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Tuning, Repair, Restoration 

 This service includes As much of the following as possible in the time allotted: Tuning and pitch correction, shaping hammers, cleaning of soundboard , minor regulation, twisting of bass strings to increase clarity. , tightening of bench bolts for stability, and any minor repairs needed that can be completed on site.  This amount of work is very often needed on older pianos that have been neglected for some years. 

This service includes tuning, pitch Correction when necessary, Hammer Shaping, Alignment of action parts Key leveling and dip, hammer let-off and drop, hammer checking voicing, This service is recommended periodically for high-quality pianos so ensure optimum performance.

Fees and Services 

Standard Tuning $125

The standard tuning fee applies to regular customers who have their pianos tuned at least once or twice a year.  This fee applies on follow-up visit after tuning and pitch correction  within the recommended time period. 

Pitch Correction $30- $75 

This service in addition to standard tuning is most often needed on the first visit in the usual cases in which the piano has not been serviced within the time period previously mentioned. Two or three passes through the entire tuning cycle may be necessary to stabilize the tuning.  A pitch raise is essentially a special tuning procedure designed to leave the piano approximately in tune. For moderate pitch corrections the procedure takes about the same time as a tuning, or less.  Extreme pitch changes may require two separate pitch adjustments.  Followup tuning at the standard tuning rate within 90 days is recommended.  For further explanation see the Piano Tuning Page: Pitch correction section

Piano Evaluation $125

Before purchasing any piano or accepting one as a gift it may be prudent to have the instrument evaluated to determine its general condition and suitability for its intended use.  The prospective owner may then be able to determine what the real financial situation is regarding what is needed to bring the piano into usable condition

Half Day Service $350 

Full Day Service: $650 


Rebuilding involves an initial consultation for estimate of costs and repairs, For further information please see the  Rebuilding page 

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