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If your piano needs service you have come to the right place.  Most visitors here have two main questions:

How soon can I get my piano tuned ? and  How much will it cost?

The short answer to both questions is “It depends”. If you have recently acquired a piano and don’t know when it was last tuned you may with to take a look at the Piano Tuning Page. There you can determine what may be required in time and effort to get the piano to proper pitch and maintain it there.  After reading about tuning you may want to look at the Fees and Services Page . Its important to remember that just like your car or your teeth regular service is needed to maintain the piano at proper pitch and in good working order.  

In my many years of tuning I can tell you two things for certain:

    1. Most used pianos I encounter for the first time have not had regular service.  Your piano may fall into this category See What should I expect?


    2. The best pianos are the ones that get tuned and adjusted on a regular basis, twice a year or more often if necessary. 

The best way to schedule an appointment is by telephone, e-mail or texting . Appointments can usually be scheduled within one week of your initial contact.  

Many other questions can be answered by referencing the various pages on the site by clicking on topics in the box to the left. 

General Service Areas:

Grand Junction CO, Loma CO, Fruita CO, Clifton CO, Palisade CO